Our Story

Where Did Super7UI Come From And What Does It Mean

You probably think our company name was thought up while 7 guys sat around a table. They wanted to start a company and all of them thought pretty highly of themselves.

Actually it is based on a car made by Lotus between 1957 and 1972, called the Lotus 7. Colin Chapman believed you increase performance with a simplistic design and by reducing weight. Since the initial design of this car there have been several reproductions of the car, and these are referred to as Super7's. They all follow the same principals of the original Lotus 7, of lightweight and simplicity. These are also the founding principals of Super7UI. Performance and stability come from finding simple solutions to complex problems. Don't add in anything you don't need, just because it looks cool, or is the latest and greatest. Make sure everything has relevance to making the final product better.